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I create and manage inspiring and beautifully designed communication projects.

I am a multidisciplinary digital designer and communication expert. I've been a graphic designer, web designer and communications manager in a web game company for more than 7 years.

Currently based in Bordeaux (France), I work freelance. I provide qualified management in communication, including graphic and web elements development in order to create an appropriate branding identity.

Website, logotype, business card, flyer.

I'm not a super hero: I can't do everything... but I'm not far from it! My expertise includes photography, design and web site development that respects international standards from W3C, with a CMS.

Magme is your communication agency in Bordeaux! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.



Photography is usually a very important element in visual communication.

My skills in photography and my professional equipment are at your disposal to ensure the success of your project.

Marketing and Communication

I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I've done a few international marketing and advertising projects for web games during a 3 year period.

I've been communications manager for two different projects for several years regarding press releases, press inquiries, answering media interviews, etc. One of these two projects was an international fair held in Spain that received 17,000 visitors in 3 days.

I’ve organized some special events for my former company, including its stand for the Paris Videogame Festival on two occasions.


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